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Q&A Associates works with young adults, ages 18-26, to create an independent and functional life after struggling to reconnect after participating in treatment options, struggles with recovery, or inability to manage the life skills needed to transition fully into adulthood. Our goal is to help these individuals find meaning and an authentic purpose for the lives and a practical path to achieve their goals.

Previous Treatment Attempts

Most of our clients have participated in some type of treatment, often many types. As a result, they are frequently “burned out” on therapy and struggle to have a normal life outside of a therapeutic environment. Although they want to live differently, these young men and women struggle to find what they need to successfully and happily sustain lasting and positive change. We strive to honor what our clients have previously learned and help them implement those lessons in a positive way; We help them discover their own personal values and goals, not goals driven by someone else.

Inability to Enjoy Life

Our clients struggle to find ways to fully enjoy life while living in a healthful manner. At Q & A, we recognize that boredom and a limited ability to simply have fun leads young adults back to less positive ways of living. Instead of emphasizing this “old behavior,” we focus on creating a positive environment where having fun and developing a sense of adventure in living are recognized as valid goals.

Challenges with Adult Life Skills

Many of our clients have missed out on learning critical life skills that help them navigate into and through adulthood successfully. The anxiety and even shame associated with being unable to independently manage basic life tasks can trigger intense periods of emotional and behavioral disregulation and intensify underlying clinical issues and associated behavioral patterns. Ultimately the client falls back on less satisfying and functional ways of living. Our emphasis on learning and practicing applied life skills in a real world setting, along with healthy individual decision making, gives clients the skills they need to cope with day to day responsibilities of adulthood in a successful and productive fashion.

Emotional and Behavioral Disregulation

Our clients also struggle with a range of clinical issues and behaviors. The effects of chronic stress and traumatic events can lead to emotional and behavioral disregulation and deeply impact the nervous system making the clinical issues harder to resolve. Many clients will often have periods of relative stability but those periods are disrupted by disregulation.

For example, someone may find a job, but the stresses and anxieties associated with work relationships and managing multiple responsibilities can become overwhelming and they perform poorly or lose the job. Instead of focusing on the negative behaviors, we focus on how to address the dysregulation using a multimodal and holistic approach. Each of Q&A’s programs approaches this core issue differently and treats the clients as individuals.

Struggles With Other Issues

Our young adult client comes to us with a wide variety clinical, behavioral, and social issues including:

Academic/Vocational challenges
Chronically stressful life circumstances
Bipolar Disorder
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)/Traumatic Relationship History
Persistent avoidance of valued activities
Substance abuse
Low self-esteem and lack of confidence
Lack of motivation to effect change
Developmental Disorders (PDD/Asperger’s Disorder)
Failure to launch
Clients who may not be appropriate for Q&A generally fall into these categories:

Substance Dependence/Addiction (currently using or unable to maintain sobriety outside of a restricted environment)
Inability to independently initiate self-care
Psychosis/Severe mental illness
Active desire for self-harm/ suicidiality
Active eating disorder
Below average IQ/lack of ability to function in an interpersonal environment
Violent and/or sexual offenders